1981-1990 TV

Television 1981-1990

‘Eureka Stockade’ Featured Co-Lead 1983 Henry Crawford Productions

“Tom Burlinson as the young priest Father Smythe deserves top marks. His Irish accent is particularly good. His big scene, when he pleads with the diggers not to rebel for the sake of their souls, was one of the more memorable moments of this otherwise very ordinary drama.” – Jacqueline Lee Lewes, TV Critic.

Here is a sound excerpt from Father Smythe’s speech.

‘Melba’ Featured Support 1987 CB Seven Productions Mini-Series
‘Piece Of Cake’ Co-Lead 1988 London Weekend Television Mini-Series
This ‘realistic’ look at the exploits of the pilots of the Battle of Britain caused great controversy in England. It was aired as part of the Masterpiece Theatre series on PBS in America, and was shown in many countries around the world.
As Squadron Leader ‘Fanny’ Barton