1991 onwards Film

1991 onwards Film

‘The Way To Dusty Death’

Director Geoffrey Reeve

Co-Lead 1994 Delux Prod. Luxembourg

Cable Feature

Another international project, filmed in Holland and Luxembourg.
‘The Night We Called it a Day’ The singing voice of Frank Sinatra, played by Dennis Hopper 2003 Ocean Pictures
Icon Film Distribution
Selected Personal Reviews

“…Tom Burlinson’s singing voice is used to such great advantage that the concert scenes are splendid.”
David Stratton, The Movie Show, SBS

“One of the ineffable miracles of contemporary show business is Tom Burlinson’s extraordinary ability to mimic Frank Sinatra. …And there’s the music, superbly performed by Tom Burlinson…”
Peter Thompson, Sunday, Nine Network

‘The Cup’ Dave Phillips 2011 Screen Australia, Silver Lion Films, Myriad Pictures and
Roadshow Films
Selected Personal Reviews:

“Burlinson gives the movie’s best performance as Dave Phillips…Burlinson succeeds in creating an interesting flesh-and-blood character”
David Stratton, The Weekend Australian

“But it’s the Man from Snowy River – Tom Burlinson – who gives the film’s most likeable performance as Weld’s self-effacing right-hand man, Dave Phillips.
Burlinson has done at least four horse pictures and his riding skills are part of the appeal but he and (Brendan) Gleeson have some nice scenes together, enriched by their thorough understanding of the attractions of understatement…”
Sandra Hall, The Age, Melbourne

“The best performer for me was Tom Burlinson as Dermot Weld’s Irish assistant. Any iconic Australian film about a horse would not be complete without Burlinson and he makes quite an impression as the man-behind-the-scenes bringing the Irish horse Media Puzzle to its peak for the Melbourne Cup.”
David Woodward, Web Wombat

“Tom Burlinson, who, in 1983, played a young strapper in Wincer’s Phar Lap, makes a welcome return…”
Megan Lehmann, The Hollywood Reporter