1983-1985 Film

1983-1985 Film

‘Flesh And Blood’

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Co-Lead 1984 Orion Pictures Feature
My first international film, working with actors from America, Holland, Spain and Britain. ‘Flesh and Blood’ is an appropriate title. R-rated. Very different in content and style to ‘Snowy’ and ‘Phar Lap’. Not really my kind of movie, but it has quite a large cult following.
As Steven Arnolfini. Jennifer Jason Leigh as Agnes. Rutger Hauer as Martin.
Getting nasty with a piece of plague-ridden dog meat. Charming, eh?

Director: Vince Monton

Lead 1985 Barron Films Feature
As ‘PC’ Simpson.
My first ‘modern’ film. A very light romantic comedy. With Nicole Kidman as Jade, her first adult role.