1986-1990 Film

1986-1990 Film

The Time Guardian’
Directors: Brian Hannant and Andrew Prowse
Lead 1986 Hemdale Film Corporation Feature
An attempt at a science fiction special effects movie, but without the necessary budget.
Although there are some good moments, the film suffers from script problems and poor
direction. Even the presence of Carrie Fisher and Dean Stockwell didn’t help much.
As Ballard, the Time Guardian.
‘The Man from
Snowy River II’
Director: Geoff Burrowes AKA ‘Return to Snowy River Part II’
Title Role 1987 Snowy II Productions Feature
The sequel was made six years after the original. The Producer of the first film decided to direct the
second despite having no experience in this field. The replacement of Kirk Douglas with Brian Dennehy
was never really credible. The film was distributed by Disney in the US, who gave it the ridiculous title
‘Return to Snowy River Part I I – The Legend Continues’ – I always thought ‘The Return of the
Man from Snowy River’ would have been better. When in the script the stallion was given the ability
to make moral judgements and decisions, I thought we were in real trouble. Despite all this there are
some truly great action sequences and the film is popular, largely I think, by association with the original.
‘The Legend of Kootenai Brown’

Director: Alan Kroaker AKA ‘Showdown at Williams Creek’

Lead 1990 Kootenai Productions Cable Feature
A Canadian feature similar to ‘Dances with Wolves’ but without the budget. The journey of
the character was quite a challenge for me as an actor. Co-stars Raymond Burr and Donnelly Rhodes.
As John ‘Kootenai’ Brown
Republic pictures bought the film for video distribution
in the US and (not surprisingly) re-titled it ‘Showdown at Williams Creek’.
With Michelle Thrush

Director: Jean Claude Laude

Co-Lead 1990 Northern Screen

Distribution Cable Feature

An international project filmed in the former Yugoslavia and Canada. Truly terrible. My first role as an American
on film, playing the ‘bad guy’. The best part of the whole experience was becoming good friends
with Anthony Edwards, pre – ‘ER’.