1981-1982 Film

1981-1982 Film

‘The Man from
Snowy River’

Director: George Miller

Title Role 1981 Michael Edgely International Feature
The role that changed my life. A wonderful opportunity for a young actor, and a fantastic experience in many ways.
With Jack Thompson as Clancy.
With Kirk Douglas as Harrison With Sigrid Thornton as Jessica
Apart from a few stunts, I did most of the riding myself. A fall in the snow. Not included in the film, of course.
‘Phar Lap’

Director: Simon Wincer

Lead 1982 John Sexton

Productons Feature

One of the best films in which I’ve appeared. I think the American cut, with the death of the horse at the end, is more powerful than the Australian version. As the real-life strapper/trainer Tommy Woodcock.
With Towering Inferno as Phar Lap With Georgia Carr as Emma
Tommy Woodcock with Phar Lap (1930). Recreation for the film.