1991 onwards Theatre

1991 onwards Theatre

‘How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying’
by Frank Loesser
Finch 1992/1993 National Tour Gordon Frost Organisation
  With Georgie Parker as Rosemary
With Noel Ferrier as J.B.
Excerpt from ‘I Believe in You’


I received a ‘Mo’ Award nomination for Best Male
Musical Theatrical Performer of the Year

‘Merrily We Role Along’
by Stephen Sondheim
Franklin 1996 Sydney Theatre Company
‘Miracle City’
by Nick Enright and Max Lambert
Ricky Truswell 1996 Sydney Theatre Company
“We wanted someone who is seductive and intelligent and has great impact on an audience because he has to become savage, and savage someone else onstage. Tom’s emotional resources and power as an actor are fantastic – and it’s all under a very boyish, sexy, charming exterior.” Director – Gale Edwards


Here is an audio sample from Ricky’s Sermon

Here is another audio sample from Ricky’s Sermon

As Pastor Ricky Truswell
‘A Tribute To Frank Sinatra’ Lead Vocals and Narration 1998 The Tower Twilight
At Taronga Concerts
‘Frank – The Sinatra Story in Song’
by Tom Burlinson
Lead Vocals and Narration 1998-99 Batang Productions
These concerts led
to the creation of
‘Frank – The Sinatra
Story in Song’
From the first season of ‘Frank’ at the Seymour Centre, Sydney.


For lots more about this show go to the ‘Frank-A Life in Song’ section.

‘The Producers’
by Mel Brooks
Leopold Bloom 2004-05 Gordon/Frost Organisation
The wonderful role of Leo was a very challenging one for me. It required not only singing, dancing and acting,
but also performing the comedy of the great Mel Brooks. Just before the opening night in Melbourne he
came to one of the preview shows and immediately afterwards was presented to the cast backstage.
While we all applauded him and he us, he walked straight up to me and kissed me on the cheek! Later
he said to me: “Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’, kid. It’s great! Just great!” This from the creator himself
did much for my confidence in the role. The show ran for more than 500 performances in Melbourne,
Brisbane and Sydney.
With Bert Newton and Reg Livermore ‘That Face’-Dancing with the delightful Chloe Dallimore

This is an excerpt from a performance of ‘That Face’ by Chloe Dallimore and myself at the 2004 Helpman Awards in Sydney.
‘I Wanna Be a Producer’-Leo and his chorus girls ‘Leo and Max’

Selected personal reviews

Princess Theatre, Melbourne, and Lyric Theatre, Sydney.

‘Tom Burlinson is splendid as Leo…in wonderful voice. His comic talent emerges deliciously.’

The Age 20/4/2004.

‘Burlinson’s transition from straight to neurotic to a fully blown Broadway producer is a joy to watch’ Sunday Herald Sun 18/4/2004.

As Bialystock’s sidekick, the initially timid then empowered Leo Bloom, Tom Burlinson is terrific. His first big turn, I Wanna be a Producer, is enacted in true Broadway style.’ The Sydney Morning Herald 19/4/2004.

‘An early favourite was set in Leo’s time-efficient office…where Leo bursts out of his cubicle cocoon to win our hearts and Max’s too. It was a turning point that made Burlinson shine like a newborn for the rest of the show.’ The Australian 19/4/2004.

‘Tom Burlinson is terrific in the role. He sings like an angel and acts like a dream. The physical comedy is superbly spry in the way it captures the timidity and klutzishness, even though Burlinson never ceases to look like a very likeable – if improbable – leading man.’ The Weekend Australian Financial Review 23-26/4/2004.

‘…Tom Burlinson steals the show as Leo-his unbounded energy on the stage a pleasure to watch…Burlinson has to take his character on a complete spiral of emotions, and change Leo’s attitude from a lousy no-hoper to a confident, manly masterpiece. He does it brilliantly, not missing a beat…’ BroadwayAustralia.com 25/5/2005


‘Chicago’ Billy Flynn 2019 Gordon Frost Organisation

“Tom Burlinson as Flynn, ticking the boxes of urbanity, cynicism, presence and quality of singing, all with a silken touch.” -John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald review